BCM112 Uggh lifes a Glitch!

“The medium is the message” carries a much deeper meaning and communication theory. Our understanding of this phrase is that the medium through which we select to communicate with holds just as much, if not more, significance than the message itself. In today’s world website designers (and even ordinary people like you and me) are able to program services, communities and tools for users with the assistance of their chosen medium! Out of every single medium in history, the internet has got to have the MOST powerful reach, and as a result of this it also has just as large implications for its status as the message.Unknown.jpegThe medium through which a message is experienced shapes the user’s perception of the message and medium can actually be the message within itself if it is presenting content that would be impossible to access otherwise. With distorted visuals and manipulated images, glitch art provides a trend that expresses our current digital society. This trendy new style is made with purposeful digital alteration that results in a distorted visual setting of irregular patterns and colours. It has brought a groovy-ness in visual aesthetics and embraced the beauty of errors. It is safe to say that this Glitch trend in a vision of the unexpected and has challenged and disrupted the smooth and clean lines of the new digital age!

Nowadays anyone and everyone has the power to craft and design their own content, but as we do this we mustn’t forget to give credit to and consider what medium we choose to present this in, as it plays a critical role in how our audiences interpret our work(s).


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