BCM 112 The Power of Us

The internet makes us active makers, users, and participants in the process. We have stopped being consumers and we have started to be produces aggregators of the conversation. You could say that we are now “The viewers who picked up a camera”. – Jay Rosen. It takes the same amount of time to look at what the NY times is saying as what you are saying online. The “lamestream media” is losing their grip on reality, and this is  because they are losing their power and control of the narrative.

9379cd89cccf151642ae47d7bbeb25df_you-have-no-power-here-u-have-no-power-here-meme_550-229.pngFor example, Wall Street Journal had a recent debacle over PewDiePie, a YouTuber star and the reason behind why they were attacking was not because of virtue or all that jazz, but simply because of the power that he holds. His influence and popularity reaches millions, and it could be argued that it is more than anyone at the Wall Street Journal. Felix (his real name) gets millions of views per week, and he is just some Swedish guy playing video games in front of a camera. Major corporations are afraid of people like you and I because your/our message is probably more real and less fake then theirs and has the ability to be seen by millions, which is what can make us so powerful! *insert evil mastermind laugh* Ua-ha-ha. And this is profoundly unsettling to them because we might broadcast a different message which does not resonate with them.


CNN, and many other established media platforms have long supported the US-European funded “Syrian Civil Defence” known as the “White Helmets. Not to mention, they won an Oscar for best short documentary. It can be noted that unlike what it would be like in real life, the people who were rescued by the “White Helmet” have no deep visible wounds, no missing limbs, and lack burns or trauma that would be associated with devastation of mass bombings. The alternative media however, has been trying to expose the “White Helmets” for a while now, stating that they are one of the largest war propaganda operations conceived by Western powers in their efforts to change public opinion in regards to efforts for regime change in Syria. Once the alternative media raised these concerns and cornered the “White Helmets” establishment media platforms like CNN finally decided to react to a story that they would have otherwise ignored.


Back in the day we would buy a publication in the hope and expectation that it would contain truth and up-to-date information in its writing. The publisher was the guarantor of quality. However now, there is no established authority. We don’t need to trust the authority of news corporations and publishers anymore, and it is safe to say that the only authority we have is ourselves!


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