BCM112 #draftourmemes

The conceptual sphere has changed into a viscous reality of information through pixels, shifting it into something that is more trackable because of its ability to be copied rapidly. This idea is inclusive of images, gifs, videos, texts and sometimes a mixture of all of them! Its crazy to think that by typing some text on an image and sharing it with friends, we have a voice capable of reaching a critical mass. Thus, memes were born. Meme warfare offers people a chance to gain control of media production from corporate interests. The birth of memes allowed for a open-source medium that allowed people to have their voice heard in a comical way.images.jpeg

Hillary Clinton voiced her support for legislation, requiring women to register for the draft on 16 May of this year to support gender equality in the military. However, the result has been a se
ries of fake #draftourdaughters campaigns that promote the false message that Clinton wants to send females to their deaths in a war against Russia. The images had disturbing quotations such as “He died for his country. Now, it’s her turn” and the colours and logo were made identical to the original, so much so that it is almost impossible to tell them apart. 15ylbc.jpg

Its becoming easier and easier to spread lies and fake news on a global scale and the online platform has quickly become a theatre for virtual conflict. A whole group of people who have never met each other before have the ability to form groups or spread their opinions and ideas across. This ability for readers to also become creators of content is a concept that is very new to us, but the dangers of not being able to distinguish the true from the false can be detrimental and severely mis-leading.images-1.jpeg


One thought on “BCM112 #draftourmemes

  1. sunnycommandeur says:

    Hey, enjoyed the post. It was a great recap of the lecture content! You come across as excited about the subject which is quite infectious. Would have loved to see a image of one of the fake Hillary adverts embedded in the post, as it would make it easier to see what you are talking about. An external example would be great, just to reiterate your points. The integration of memes was well done, and makes the blog very entertaining to read.


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