Transmedia = $$$

With the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other forms of social media, users now have an expectation of engagement. We want to be able to feel engaged in what we are being exposed to. Theres no doubt that you have heard of 50 Shades of Grey, but did you know it derived from an online FanFiction? This is an example of Transmedia which is telling a story or experience across multiple platforms and formats using current digital.

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 1.22.01 pm.png

By creating other outlets for user engagement multiple points of entry are created into the story world of the franchise. For example after the film ‘Matrix’ was released several games were created for further fan engagement. Several parts of the game included cut outs directly from the film. In traditional hollywood, money is spent on traditional advertising methods and is only recouped through conversion. The box office sales are the only way to recoup marketing dollars. Transmedia creates multiple payoff possibilities for marketing dollars because money is spent on transmedia marketing and not only recouped through conversion but also through the individual sales of the transmedia components. Everything we are exposed to in the media is designed to sell us something, and with the extensive rise of Transmedia, people are lead from one medium to another.

JPZxNge.jpg.png So if a Star Wars fan sees an advertisement for a new Star Wars video game, they are likely to go out and purchase it. Thus, connections breed interaction, which breeds community, which breeds excitement, which breeds the big bucks!


One thought on “Transmedia = $$$

  1. madeleinebakerblog says:

    Hi, great post! very clear and concise and addresses the topic of transmedia stories very well. Your use of relevant examples, active hyperlinks and memes are very effective and engaging. You make some great points on how additional outlets for user engagement generates a larger audience for a franchise, which is a key element in brand storytelling and encourages transmedia marketing. Evidently, and as you have mentioned, when a franchise has plenty of active fans, those fans are willing to fork out their money to engage and interact with that thing that they love, in every medium, which is how transmedia franchises make their money.
    If you’re interested, check out this article on Transmedia Storytelling, Fan Culture and the Future of Marketing:


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