Its creative, Comm’on!

So imagine yourself typing away at your keyboard trying to finish that essay due tomorrow morning. You’re super duper tired and you have run out of idea. Lets be honest, we have ALL turned to Google for some sort of help. Then you find a sentence or an idea that you like and want to put in your essay so you copy and paste it because why not? Well hey, thats illegal. But do not threat; Creative Commons licenses are there for the rescue! Creative Commons are a set of copyright licenses which tell you what you can do with content licensed. There is also material available that you can use without infringement. Moving away from academic situations, copyright can potentially strangle creativity.Unknown.jpeg

Memes are the simplest example of this. Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club is the comic series where Pepe the infamous internet meme came from. So imagine if they sued every single person who made a Pepe meme….not likely but possible.

pepe-the-frog-o-shi-meme-lord-dat-boi-dup-2415775.pngTake 3D printing for example, if a certain design that you want to print is protected by copyright, you are infringing someones copyright by printing it and companies can sue for damages if someone recreates and shares their design. So printing a Storm Trooper could bring you face-to-face with a serious law suit. Since using multiple mediums is so popular these days, is it even possible to get the same message across without using a common image/phrase/material? I really don’t think it would be as affective and as engaging if people didn’t have a common means of knowledge.


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